June 26, 2023

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Walkthrough with spoilers – Middle online game (Season 2 March – November)

Stumble on various people and decide should you want to realize their relationship

3 mink ahead of they exit in some instances Offer 3 mink Team techniques publication Very important if you wish to use staff Dated women at stop out-of Soya milk residence’s path Buddha paint regarding Jialan Zhai Provide their paint +20 recognition connection +5 morals Maybe, if you don’t max recognition yet , Antique shop npc Loot you brought and you will identify off pawn store Give your the fresh loot

Favor staff formula (you earn the employees at no cost into the year 3 Jan) otherwise paint (change having +fifty attack book require 80 sword, communicate with wudang diciples external tea home) otherwise jade product (trade to have +100 protection publication require 80 digit, talk to Eden blade frontrunner) then go to mansion and you may exchange that have npc accordingly

If you use fist otherwise blade Fisherman in the family Offer dos rainbow seafood so you’re able to their daughter within sector prior to sunset Offer seafood so you can her Fishing rod Weight npc inside the inn Challenge him having Gu, Jing or your self If win which have your self, 10 martial education, ten combat training, 10 character. Best that you enjoys Inn upstairs Unlock bust When you over Li Wei’s riddle, you could promote that it item to Jiang at the his residence fifty reputation Good to possess Attacking band initial floors Unlock chest Discover tits Fighting ring basements npc Demand to battle. Favor Gu, Jing or on your own Jing was trusted + money Escort agencies owner Wanted their stolen loot back Loot try out of pawn store known items 90 assault blade and you can +20 character Breasts during the eden blade Good to keeps Florist at the Luoyang outskirt Herb gatherer from the Luoyang outskirt +5 Picking Wudang diciples on Luoyang outskirt Battle them, like 1v1 or 3v3 +5 combat education, +5 profile Huntsman at the Luoyang outskirt Bring your 2000 money Fantastic bow Zero, if you don’t failed to find the bend out-of store prior to now Miner on Luoyang outskirt 5 purple ore 90 assault blade One of the new Xu aunt further in of miner Produce experience Complete event Brand new internal concept Jiang Residence Wade there within sundown Correspond with everyone +affection regarding npcs your skipped Offering +200 energy plant Best that you keeps

At fight with Yaksha, should you have conserved this lady off incur prior to plus don’t hit this lady for a couple of turns, romance experiences strings along with her can begin.

Very important skills strings encompass experiencing Fu Jianhan in the river, duel with him (win/cure does not matter) to have +5 martial studies, find your at club to get establish to Yang MlaД‘e Еѕene koje traЕѕe starije muЕЎkarce Yun, stumble on her or him on forest and treat to have +ten martial training and you will +20 combat knowledge. Encountering Fu Jianhan from the club with Drunken Hermit and during the bar once again to share with you the story from just how both of you was ophans often open the latest Zhao Yaer’s love.

At the conclusion of 2nd season April, Wuxia Zi will send one to wangyou valley. Definitely go to the songs women, your doctor, the new drunkard, the newest chess player, this new florist. New drunkard specifically have a tendency to provide many stats follower for those who victory combat against him. He will in addition to give you a drink that one can sometimes trade to possess Peach-Punch, a fist approach on valley’s monkey at the north-west cliff or present they back into drunkard to possess quick one hundred passion. Sipping you will be charged your comprehension, very not advised.

The new painter and you will pupil commonly advance the fresh new quest, you won’t miss her or him

Wangyou area today opens up, although next thing you should do rather is to obtain new passion from both the Xu brothers to help you a hundred. Publish the fresh new elder-brother porn, publish the younger aunt porn/grape drink. This will open the fresh new Et mobile phone home enjoy on stop off June/beginning of July to possess max ear canal and vision skill.

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